A Walk In The Park Game For Kerala As They Face Newly Promoted Neroca In The Super Cup


It’s finally here, the final game of the round of sixteen in the Indian Super Cup and it feels like the competition started a month ago. For some reason I feel like this round of fixtures has taken a long time to finally conclude and we actually have a game I am quite interested in. However, I could be disappointed as the team representing the I-League didn’t take part last season, they actually won the 2nd division and gained promotion to this competition, this team is Neroca. ISL side Kerala Blasters will be in their way though and it will be a tough test for the I-League side.   

The Stats…   

Starting with the home side, Neroca, who managed to win the weirdly structured I-League 2nd division. From what I can tell, Neroca, like all the teams, had to go through a group stage and the win the final round. They topped their group losing once, drawing once and winning four and then they won the final round by nine points and going undefeated in ten games, winning eight and drawing two. Overall, they managed to score twenty-eight goals and concede only seven in total. By these stats, it sounds they didn’t deserve to be in the division and Kerala will have a tough task ahead of them.    

Onto the much more familiar away side, Kerala managed to secure a 6th place finish under David James’ guidance. They definitely weren’t the most consistent of teams and this shows in their goals scored tally, with them scoring only twenty goals over eighteen games. Defensively, they weren’t the best either as they conceded twenty-two goals over the same eighteen games. They definitely enjoyed a good spell at the end of the season as they won two, lost one and drew two of their last five games. Surely, they are the favourites entering the game.    

The Game Itself…   

Now I struggle to comment on the I-league so I really have no clue when it comes to the second division. However, looking at their stats, they look a very dangerous side who enjoy scoring goals and hate conceding them, so basically like every football team in existence.    

However, I can comment on what Kerala will do in the game and I must say they should dominate the game. If they don’t beat this side, David James should resign instantly after the game as you can’t be losing to a second division side.   

Although, I may be selling Neroca short and they could go for the kill early on and surprise every Indian football fan around the world. We could really do with Kerala not embarrassing the ISL here so no pressure lads.   

Key Player…   

Obviously, as I have already stated, I have no clue when it comes to the second division so I have had to research quite thoroughly for this segment, however, as always, I have provided the goods and identified two Neroca players that Kerala should be worried about. One of these players is Felix Chidi Odili, I know what a name. He managed to earn himself the golden ball award as he finished with nine goals in ten games. They also have Subhash Singh, who managed to get six goals over ten games.    

Kerala, on the other hand, have some brilliant players, however, I don’t know the squad for the tournament so I may speak about players who won’t take part. One of these players is Iain Hume, who was injured back in the ISL regular season, if he is back he would be my Key Player. Another player would be Gudjon Baldvinsson, however, I’m not sure if his loan deal has expired so he may not feature. In this case, I have decided to pick C.K. Vineeth as the Key Player, if both the forwards I just mentioned do not feature, this guy really isn’t a bad replacement.    


With all this being said, I will simply leave you with this. Once again, I must state that I have no clue on Neroca so I may be disregarding a good side, however, I am a stats man and that’s why I am going with a 3-0 win for Kerala. I bloody hope they don’t mess this up!    

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