ATK Take On FC Goa In An All-ISL Tie In The Indian Super Cup


I am back again with another one of my brilliant Indian Super Cup previews. This time around we have an all ISL match with the teams that are facing each other being Goa and ATK. I’m really looking forward to this match as I know a lot about both teams and I am Keane, excuse the pun and wordplay, to see how ATK develop under Robbie Keane’s supervision. Anyway, enough about what I want, let’s get straight to what you all want and that is the stats…   

The Stats…   

Starting with the home team, Goa managed to finish in the playoff places in the ISL this past season, however, they managed to lose to, now champions, Chennaiyin in the semi-finals. Possessing the best partnership the ISL has ever seen, Goa couldn’t stop scoring goals, finishing with an impressive forty-two goals over eighteen games. However, they didn’t appreciate the defensive side of football and allowed the opposition to score twenty-eight goals over the same eighteen games. With them qualifying for the playoffs they go into the game in good form, having won 3, drawn one and lost one of their previous five games. Will Coro and Lanzarote dominate this competition just like they did the ISL?   

Now onto the visitors, ATK didn’t have the greatest title-defending season with them earning a 9th place finish. With Robbie Keane struggling for fitness for the majority of the season, they struggled to score goals with them finishing with sixteen goals over the eighteen-game season. Unfortunately, their defensive record didn’t help them either and they conceded thirty goals in eighteen games. They did, however, pick their form up when Ashley Westwood left the club and Robbie Keane took over. They are unbeaten under Keane having won their last league game and their Super Cup Qualifier. Will they be able to silence Coro and Co, just like Chennaiyin?   

The Game Itself…   

I have a weird feeling about this game. Everything I see about this game suggests that Goa will dominate affairs and ATK will be as bad as usual, however, my gut is telling me this will be an entertaining game and we will see a few goals.    

In terms of how each team plays, I am not really sure. We still haven’t seen ATK under Keane enough to understand what sort of football he wants to play and Goa, well Goa just attack, they probably can’t spell defence and probably don’t know what it means.    

I’m really hoping it is a good ninety-minute game, I’m fed up of watching penalties as it’s not nice to see a team lose on penalties, no matter who it is, unless its Wolves or Villa, then I’m on the floor laughing.    

Key Player…   

Finally, a preview that I actually know about every player on both teams and don’t have to spend five minutes looking up who plays for those rubbish, irrelevant I-League teams. I apologise for that, I’m writing this on about five hours sleep after the Boxing and Golf so my nasty side tends to come out.    

Anyway, I’ll start with ATK and specifically their player-manager Robbie Keane. He has been prolific his whole career and that hasn’t stopped over here in India. However, with him now being the manager will he want to put himself in the team? I hope so as he is clearly ATK’s best player and without him, I can’t see them scoring many goals.    

Now onto Goa, I think you all know who I am going to start with. Yes, you are all right, the one and only Coro. The bloke is the perfect striker in the ISL and why should he stop scoring in this competition. However, he wouldn’t be feared as much if it wasn’t for my favourite out of the two, Mr. Lanzarote. Even his name is perfect. He is a one of a kind playmakers who, in my opinion, is a much better player than Coro and that is why he is my Key Player. If he is in top form, he will destroy ATK without breaking a sweat.    


With all this being said, I will simply leave you with this. I am really looking forward to this match, especially because I get to see my favourite side in the ISL, Goa play and an all-time hero and idol of mine in Robbie Keane in his first steps in management. In terms of a prediction, I will go with a 3-2 win for Goa.   

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