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Monday returns once more and so does the 1-25 recap of the weekend’s games. Again, I’ll begin with the way it all works for all of you new readers out there. Essentially, I look at a number based stat for each number from one to twenty-five and that’s how it all works. It runs alongside Steve’s ‘normal’ weekend round-up so it just mixes it all up. A bit of this and a bit of that. Can’t go wrong, can you?

We are covering four games from the weekend and they are: Bengaluru 1-1 Pune City, NorthEast United 0-1 Kerala Blasters, Chennaiyin 1-1 Jamshedpur & ATK 1-2 Mumbai City. No upsets this weekend which makes a change and next weekend it’ll be even more interesting as the games are running out. It’s getting to that point where teams have nothing left to play for so there are some nothing games coming up but we’ll try and make it as fun as possible.

Let’s get cracking…


Goal between Coro and Miku after Miku scored again over the weekend. More on them later.


Was the most scored by any team over the weekend. That team was Mumbai.


Yellow cards apiece in the Bengaluru vs Pune game. Dirty.


Shots in the second half for Kerala away at NorthEast. Another fine win for James’ side.


Shots off goal for Jamshedpur. Wasteful.


Points off the playoffs with only two games left for Mumbai. Down to the wire.


Shots in the second half for Chennaiyin. They eventually equalised in the 89th minute through Rafi. Nick of time.


Minutes after Rosario gave Mumbai the lead, Sehnaj picked up the first yellow card of the game.


Long balls played by Kerala’s Rino Anto. Hooof.


Accurate passes made by Thongkoisep Haokip. He was only on the pitch for 17 minutes.


Corners for Bengaluru & Chenniayin; they both failed to win. Not good.


Shots by Chennaiyin in total; only one was on target. Wayward.


Goals conceded this season by Jamshedpur. The lowest in the league. Shut out.


Points won on the road by Kerala Blasters. Away days.


Minutes after setting up Golui Sarthak’s goal for Pune, Emiliano Alfaro got booked.


Duels contested by Jamshedpur’s Wellington Priori, he won twelve of them. Stalwart.


Accurate passes made by ATK’s Martin Paterson. Link-up.


Long balls attempted by Karanjit in the Chennaiyin goal. Long ball.


Goals conceded this season now by Chennaiyin. Not too shabby.


Duels contested by Raphael Augusto, he won half of them. Meh.


Goals in ATK’s home games so far this season. Most have come in their own goal. Ah.


Minutes were on the clock when Golui Sarthak gave Pune the lead. Early bird catches the worm.


Accurate passes made by Pune’s Adil Khan. Ping.


Goals have been scored in Chennaiyin’s last ten games. Goals, goals, goals!


Goals combined for Coro and Miku. I told you they would be back.

There you have it. Another round of 1-25 complete. What a journey we’ve been on together this week as we’ve seen duels won and lost, goals scored, goals conceded and much, much more. I find it rather therapeutic doing this which may come across as a little strange and that’s because it is.

Until the next time.

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