ISL 2017: 4 things we learned from Jamshedpur’s first ever ISL victory

#1 Suddenly Jamshedpur’s record looks alright

It’s amazing the difference a goal makes. As we all know, Steve Coppell’s men were coming into the match in Delhi with three straight 0-0 draws under their belt. That said, three points in three games in this season’s ISL is decent and surely being unbeaten was better than Delhi’s way of getting three points – namely a win and then two defeats. Izu Azuka’s goal changed the landscape completely for Jamshedpur who now sit alongside Bengaluru FC, FC Pune City, Chennaiyin FC and FC Goa with 6 points, albeit with the other teams still to play in this matchday.

#2 If Andre Bikey wants to take a penalty, he can take a penalty

Well, would you argue with him? Bikey is a big powerful unit and when he strode forward looking to score Jamshedpur’s first ever ISL goal not many were going to get in his way. Sadly for Andre, his penalty was far from big and powerful and was easily saved. Stick to keeping the goals out down the other end big man.

#3 Delhi need to improve and fast

Many leagues start off like this, teams all bunched together on points with not much between the top and the bottom. This can often lead to a little complacency when you pick a couple of bad results and still feel like you are in the pack. Then, suddenly, teams start to break away at the top and teams start to fall away at the bottom and before you know it you are out of the race. Delhi are in severe danger of this happening. We are nearly a quarter of the way through the season already and another couple of defeats for the Dynamos means they could well be looking up from the bottom.

#4 Sameehg Doutie must not be allowed to upset the apple cart

Steve Coppell’s style of football does not work unless everyone in the squad is 100% on board, particularly the players who are there to sprinkle a little flair on top of proceedings. South African winger Doutie stormed away from the ground following yesterday’s victory having started on the bench and being brought on in injury time. Coppell is highly experienced and it is unlikely his assistant Wally Downes will let anything come in the way of team unity so do not be surprised if we see very little of Doutie over the next couple of games.

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