ISL 2017 Prediction League: Round 1

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We’re not the biggest of teams here on the ISL page, but we are growing and that reminds me actually; if you are reading this and you fancy getting involved with a bit of writing and what have you, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Anyway, we thought we’d do something new for the site to keep you coming back and hungry for more. Something like that anyway.

Now that the league has reached its halfway stage we’re going to do a prediction league where it’ll be one point for the correct result and three points for correct score.

I’ll level with you all, I’m a bit on the competitive side so if I have to start giving bonus points for the sake of me winning then don’t be surprised for seeing ten points awarded for coming last in a week or something of a similar nature, anything could happen, its new!

The first round goes from today (Saturday the 13th) to next Thursday (18th) and the games are as follows:

  • Chenniayin FC vs Pune City – 13/1/18
  • Delhi Dynamos vs Bengaluru FC – 14/1/18
  • Mumbai City vs Kerala Blasters – 14/1/18
  • Jamshedpur FC vs Kerala Blasters – 17/1/18
  • Mumbai City vs Bengaluru FC – 18/1/18

I don’t know why they don’t play all the games on the Saturday and just be normal instead of staggering them but then again, I guess that’s the issue of a ten team league and when you only play each other twice (excluding the playoffs). Maybe it will change in the future.

There’s three of us involved in the ISL site at the moment, Chris, Mark and I and for the purpose of the prediction league, I’m going to use initials to make my life easier.

League positions are correct up to the NorthEast vs ATK game as the predictions were made before the game and the article was written prior to kick off.

Chennaiyin | Pos: 2nd | Points: 17 | GD: +5 | | GD: +8 | Points: 16 | Pos: 3rd | Pune City

Predictions – CD: 2-0, MS: 2-1, JF: 3-2.

Verdict: All gone for a home win and over 1.5 goals. Consensus.

Delhi Dynamos | Pos: 10th | Points: 4 | GD: -16 | | GD: +8 | Points: 18 | Position: 1st | Bengaluru FC

Predictions – CD: 1-3, MS: 0-2, JF: 1-5.

Verdict: Away win. Delhi’s defence is horrible and if Kerala can score three, I reckon Bengaluru can get a couple more.

Mumbai City | Pos: 5th | Points: 14 | GD: +4 | | GD: -2 | Points: 11 | Pos: 6th | Kerala Blasters

Predictions – CD: 0-0, MS: 1-1, JF: 1-2.

Verdict: Majority says a draw but I’m banking on David James going for the three points and Hume continuing his run.

Jamshedpur FC | Pos: 7th | Points: 10 | GD: -1 | | GD: -2 | Points: 11 | Pos: 6th | Kerala Blasters

Predictions – CD: 1-1, MS: 1-0, JF: 2-1

Verdict: Home win. Chris could well be right though as it will be a close encounter.

Mumbai City | Pos: 5th | Points: 14 | GD: +4 | | GD: +8 | Points: 18 | Position: 1st | Bengaluru FC

Predictions – CD: 2-1, MS: 1-2, JF: 1-1.

Verdict: Split in more ways than Dr Jekyll’s personality, at least one of us will get a point on this!

That’s all for now, we’ll check in on Friday morning to see what the scores on the doors are like. I’m putting this rule in now as I think it’s only fair, if anyone gets 12+ in any given week there are five games, they’ll be awarded an extra ten points.

Over and out.

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