ISL 2017: Prediction League Round 2

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It’s the return of the Prediction League after it’s debut round last week. We’ve got to get through last week’s results, this week’s predictions and that’s alongside a new entrant which is always a bit exciting. Let’s begin with the scores on the doors from last week.

So from that fancy table above, green indicating the correct result and the bold indicating the correct score, it puts the scores as:



Jake Flock


Mark Smith


Chris Darwen


Not looking too shabby for me, the correct score making all the difference. The least said about Chris’ performance in the first round, the better; his defence was “Let’s be honest, it’s impossible to predict”. I think you might be missing the point of the game Chris, I’ll be honest. Mark started well and would be level had the correct score not landed for yours truly.

Before we get on to the predictions for this week, as I touched on earlier, we do have somebody new to bring in. Stephen has brought our team up to four after he was acquired on a Bosman from SportsKeeda, I wish him well whilst he’s here at the ISL site, just not on this. Let’s cut the waffle and get to it…

  • NorthEast United vs Chennaiyin (19.01)
  • Pune City vs ATK (20.01)
  • Jamshedpur vs Delhi Dynamos (21.01)
  • Kerala Blasters vs FC Goa (21.01)
  • Pune City vs Jamshedpur (24.01)

Predictions were made before the NorthEast vs Chennaiyin game kicked off.

NorthEast United | Pos: 9th | Points: 7 | GD: -10 | | GD: +6 | Points: 20 | Pos: 2nd | Chennaiyin

Predictions – CD: 1-2; JF: 1-0; MS: 1-2; SB: 1-1.

Verdict: Much more likely for there to be a three-way split this time due to their being an extra player. The smart money would be on Chennaiyin as NorthEast United aren’t the greatest, but I’m banking on Avram Grant to work his magic.

Pune City | Pos: 3rd | Points: 16 | GD: +7 | | GD: -2 | Points: 12 | Pos: 8th | ATK

Predictions – CD: 2-2; JF: 2-0; MS: 1-1; SB: 1-3.

Verdict: Surprised to find myself on my own with this one as Pune sit five places above ATK, although ATK have done some damage in the transfer market so perhaps it’s understandable why Chris and Mark have gone for a draw. Steve’s new, that’s the only way to explain that.

Jamshedpur | Pos: 7th | Points: 13 | GD: 0 | | GD: -14 | Points: 7 | Position: 10th | Delhi Dynamos

Predictions – CD: 1-0; JF: 3-1; MS: 2-0; SB: 2-0.

Verdict: Home win. Seems like none of us have learnt our lesson from last time when we all backed Delhi’s opposition… Here’s hoping it’s a different outcome this time.

Kerala Blasters | Pos: 6th | Points: 14 | GD: -2 | | GD: +6 | Points: 16 | Position: 4th | FC Goa

Predictions – CD: 1-1; JF: 2-1; MS: 1-2; SB: 1-1.

Verdict: Majority gone for the draw and you can’t blame them because it’s another tricky one to call. I’m going for the David James effect.

Pune City | Pos: 3rd | Points: 16 | GD: +7 | | GD: 0 | Points: 13 | Pos: 7th | Jamshedpur

Predictions – CD: 1-1; JF: 0-1; MS: 2-0; SB: 0-0.

Verdict: Split once more. Very similar to the Kerala vs Goa game, difficult to call especially when you consider that the teams could be level on points when they meet.

Just so you all know, Steve is coming on zero points because he claimed: “I’m going to beat you all”, so he can do it the hard way. I’m sure he said it slightly tongue-in-cheek but he’s got to walk the walk now. Going to leave it as 12+ points for the bonus although I am now realising it’s practically impossible, so that will be probably be reviewed next week.

That’s all for now, it’s certainly better than Lawrenson’s one on the BBC!

Over and out.

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