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Guess who’s back, back again! Yes, that’s right, it’s the one and only prediction league. We’ve got the results from round three alongside the predictions for round four, let’s get cracking, here’s how last week panned out…

For you newcomers out there, if the box is shaded green, that means you have got the correct result and if it’s bold, it means the person in question has got the correct result. The first two weeks we have done this, we have seen one correct score per week, so the cat has certainly been put amongst the pigeons now as there were FIVE correct scores in round three. It’s one point for a correct score and five for the right result. We’ll have a mooch at the table and then we’ll have a talk about it…



Correct Scores

Jake Flock



Stephen Beavon



Mark Smith



Chris Darwen




I’ll be honest after Steve landed his second correct result in two games, I was going to call the competition off. I hadn’t figured out how I was going to do it, but I couldn’t be dealing with it, to be honest. Funny though, isn’t it? After he got those two right, he failed to get anything else right, not a score, not a result, not nothing. Whereas, I, on the other hand, got two correct scores of my own as I pulled away at the top. Chris managed a correct score as well!

The wooden spoon award goes to Mark this week after a dismal week in comparison to the rest of us, only scoring two points. With Mark only scoring two points, it also means that Steve, Mark and Chris are grouped together quite tightly. Me on the other hand, well, you can see the table for yourselves, so you can only imagine the grin I’ve got on my face whilst I’m writing this. It is somewhat sinister. Hopefully, it’ll still be on my face come next week. We’ll see.

Another week, another five games, these are what we’re dealing with this time around…          

Mumbai City vs Jamshedpur FC (01.02) – Pune City vs Kerala Blasters (02.02) – ATK vs Bengaluru FC (03.02) – Delhi Dynamos vs Mumbai City (04.02) – FC Goa vs NorthEast United (04.02)

And here’s what the four of us think will happen…

Mumbai City | Pos: 6th | Points: 17 | GD: +2 | | GD +1 | Points: 19 | Pos: 5th | Jamshedpur FC

Predictions – CD: 3-0; JF: 0-1; MS: 1-0; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Majority have gone for a home win. There’s little surprise that everyone bar me have gone for Mumbai because they were fantastic against FC Goa the other day when they came out 4-3 winners away from home. My logic is that the game will be completely different to that as Jamshedpur will keep it tight and I think they’ll nick it.

Pune City | Pos: 3rd | Points: 22 | GD: +11 | | GD: -2 | Points: 17 | Pos: 7th | Kerala Blasters

Predictions – CD: 3-0; JF: 3-2; MS: 2-0; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Home win. I’m not sure if this is an omen or not, but when we all went for the same result last week, it ended up being 4-3 to the wrong side. I’ll be surprised if we don’t get this one correct as Pune have the second-best defensive record in the decision and they love a goal as well. All gone for different scorelines which is interesting.

ATK | Pos: 8th | Points: 12 | GD: -7 | | GD: +9 | Points: 24 | Pos: 1st | Bengaluru FC

Predictions – CD: 0-2; JF: 0-1; MS: 1-1; SB: 1-3.

Verdict: Unsurprisingly, 75% have gone for a win for Bengaluru. It’s hard to see it being anything but an away win unless of course, you’re Mark, who mustn’t’ve been watching the last few weeks. The whole Westwood/Sheringham debacle hasn’t helped what was an already poor ATK side and Bengaluru will take full advantage. Probably.

Delhi Dynamos | Pos: 10th | Points: 7 | GD: -16 | | GD: +2 | Points: 17 | Pos: 6th | Mumbai City

Predictions – CD: 1-1; JF: 1-2; MS: 2-1; SB: 1-1.

Verdict: Split three ways, with a draw being the most popular choice. I’m at a loss with this, everyone else fancies Mumbai to beat Jamshedpur but not Delhi. Maybe they think we’re on about a different Delhi. Easy pickings for me. Famous last words.

FC Goa | Pos: 4th | Points: 19 | GD: +6 | | GD: -9 | Points: 10 | Pos: 9th | NorthEast United

Predictions – CD: 4-1; JF: 2-1; MS: 3-0; SB: 3-1.

Verdict: Everyone’s on the same page this time. Home win. Goa were desperately unlucky against Mumbai and it’s fair to say that the red card changed the game. So, NorthEast will undoubtedly get the backlash.

That’s your lot. Seven points is the gap at the moment. This time next week it will be thirty-two as I’ll get all five scores bang on the money and leave everyone in my shadows. Or, alternatively, I could be bottom of the pile. I’ll tell you something though, it definitely makes it more entertaining to watch.

Until the next time.

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