Jamshedpur’s Abrupt End & What Might Have Been For Delhi?

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Emotions are running high. The last 1-25 of the regular ISL season is upon us. The good news is that there will be one next Monday which will cover the three semi-finals that we’ve got this week. The bad news is I’m not entirely sure what will happen after that. We’ve got Super Cup games and things like that, however, you know what the ISL are like, they haven’t released any details regarding it despite it only being a week away. We can cross that bridge when we come to it, let’s get involved with last week’s action which saw four games and an abrupt end to Jamshedpur’s season.

For you new readers out there, 1-25 is a feature where we look at a stat based on each of the numbers, from 1-25! Funny that, eh?

As per, we had one game on the Friday, one on the Saturday and two on the Sunday, the results were as follows Pune City 2-2 Delhi Dynamos, Chennaiyin 1-0 Mumbai City, Jamshedpur 0-3 FC Goa & ATK 1-0 NorthEast United. No massive shocks as I think most people would have fancied Goa away at Jamshedpur, although, not many would’ve put money on Jamshedpur’s keeper, Subrata, getting sent off after seven minutes. Nevertheless, he did and it killed the game as a contest; let’s not fret about that though, let’s get down to business…


Goal scored by a player-manager, step forward Robbie Keane.


Points ended up separating Chennaiyin in 2nd and Pune in 4th.


Goals for FC Goa away at Jamshedpur. Back on form.


Draws in the season for Delhi. Inseparable.


Shots on target for Chennaiyin. Their goal came from the penalty spot.


Points were earned by the home sides.


Goal difference between how many FC Goa scored to the next team, Bengaluru. Firepower.


Second half shots for NorthEast. Still couldn’t score.


Minutes had gone when Jamshedpur made their first sub. They had to bring a keeper on after Subrata thought he was playing basketball.


Minutes on the clock when Robbie Keane got the only goal of the game for ATK. Even better than that, he still did his trademark celebration.


Shots by Mumbai with less than 30% on target. Tragic.


Points picked up by Delhi in their last six games. If they had maintained that all season, they would’ve been second. Oh, what might have been?


Goals for the season for Uche. That tallies up to just under half of the team total. Impressive.


Points between Jamshedpur and Bengaluru. Mind the gap, Coppell.


Yellow cards dished out over the weekend. A couple of red cards for good measure as well.


Fouls by Mumbai. Get stuck in.


Long balls attempted by Jamshedpur’s sub keeper, Sanjiban Ghosh with only five accurate. Sigh.


Goals for Coro. Surely Miku can’t catch him?


Minutes after coming off the bench for Jamshedpur, Trindade got booked. Well played.


Long balls attempted by Pune’s Vishal Kaith with seven accurate. Keep it short.


Accurate passes by Fulganco Cardozo. What a name.


Minutes after being reduced to ten men, Jamshedpur went a goal down. Ended as a contest.


Shots collectively for the away sides in the first half. Front foot.


Minutes after getting his first, Uche got his second. Unstoppable.


Goals in NorthEast’s away game this campaign. Only eight have been for them. Ouch.

The end of an era. The regular season 1-25 is done, HOWEVER, we’ll give it a go with only the three play-off games next week. We will then at some point have the blockbuster 1-100 which will look at the season on the whole and in a weird, stat-obsessed way, I’m actually looking forward to doing that.

Until the next time.

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