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You’ve all been waiting for this, haven’t you? The weekly segment of the prediction league which will give us a round-up of last week’s results and also look at what we all think for this week. Firstly, let’s see how last week panned out…

Much more green this week in comparison to last week but when you factor in that there were a lot more games for us to get stuck into, it’s an unfair comparison. Next week will give us a better idea as the games are at a similar level. For all of you new readers out there, the green block indicates that the correct result has been selected and if the scoreline is in bold, that means the correct score has been selected.

So, everyone got three right, with the exception of Mark, who only got two. It’s an improvement for Mark, mind, as he rolled a doughnut the week before, so let’s look on the bright side, eh, Mark? Chris got the all-important correct score this week as he continues his assault on my place at the summit. Let’s have a look at how the table looks now…



Correct Scores

Jake Flock



Chris Darwen



Stephen Beavon



Mark Smith



Now for those that remember how this all started, Chris had a nightmare at the beginning of this and was miles off the pace but his performance over the last couple of weeks has seen him cut my lead to only three points. I thought that Chennaiyin would get a late goal against Bengaluru but that wasn’t meant to be and to be fair, if it wasn’t for Chhetri’s late goal, Chris would have got another five points which would have sent him top. Christ, I couldn’t have been doing with that.

I made a hash of the fixtures because I said that Kerala were at home when ATK were and I had the wrong day for the Bengaluru game, but that aside, I got everything bang on the money, so a well-deserved pat on the back for me. Last week saw a bumper seven games for us to dissect and this week is only slightly different as we’ve got six to get into. Let’s take a look at the fixtures that await us.

NorthEast United vs Delhi Dynamos (14/02) | FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC (15/02) | Bengaluru FC vs Pune City (16/02) | NorthEast United vs Kerala Blasters (17/02) | Chennaiyin FC vs Jamshedpur FC (18/02) | ATK vs Mumbai City (18/02).

And here is what we believe will happen…

NorthEast United | Pos: 9th | Points: 11 | GD: -11 | | GD: -16 | Points: 8 | Pos: 10th | Delhi Dynamos

Predictions – CD: 1-0, JF: 1-1, MS: 1-0, SB: 0-2.

Verdict: For one reason or another, the biggest portion of the vote has gone to NorthEast United and I suppose that’s been done because Delhi are worse than NorthEast as opposed to much else. I’ve opted for the draw because I can envisage them both cancelling each other out. Steve has clearly picked his result out of a hat.

FC Goa | Pos: 6th | Points: 20 | GD: +4 | | GD: +3 | Points: 24 | Pos: 4th | Chennaiyin FC

Predictions – CD: 0-1, JF: 2-0, MS: 1-1, SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Home win. Again, there’s somebody backing everything and even though we are only two games in, I’m slightly worried that I’ve not gone the same way as Chris on any of them, especially considering the run of form he’s been on. It’s a difficult game to call but Steve & I’s thinking must be something along the lines of “Chennaiyin are falling apart, Coro will smash them”… Famous last words.

Bengaluru FC | Pos: 1st | Points: 33 | GD: +15 | | GD: +13 | Points: 28 | Pos: 2nd | Pune City

Predictions – CD: 2-2, JF: 3-1, MS: 2-1, SB: 1-1.

Verdict: Split between a home win and score draw. Since I’ve made my prediction I’ve done a bit of thinking and research, which I probably should have done the other way around because this game is in between a two-legged AFC Cup qualifier. However, they didn’t take Chhetri and some other big names to the Maldives so maybe it’ll all work out. Then again, they haven’t got much to play for in the league at the moment and Pune do, sigh…

NorthEast United | Pos: 9th | Points: 11 | GD: -11 | | GD: -1 | Points: 21 | Pos: 5th | Kerala Blasters

Predictions – CD: 1-1, JF: 0-1, MS: 1-1, SB: 0-2.

Verdict: Split down the middle again, this time between a draw and an away win. Kerala need to win this, there are no two ways about it, however, Avram Grant’s NorthEast have been stubborn as opposed to spectacular so maybe the draw has got a chance.

Chennaiyin FC | Pos: 4th | Points: 24 | GD: +3 | | GD +3 | Points: 25 | Pos: 3rd | Jamshedpur FC

Predictions – CD: 1-1, JF: 0-1, MS: 1-0, SB: 1-2.

Verdict: Panel suggests an away win. This is probably the hardest of them all to predict. Chennai could well be above Jamshedpur when they face each other but Coppell’s side have seemingly come from nowhere to occupy one of the playoff positions and I don’t expect them to surrender without a fight.

ATK | Pos: 8th | Points: 13 | GD: -9 | | GD: -1 | Points: 17 | Pos: 7th | Mumbai City

Predictions – CD: 0-1, JF: 0-2, MS: 1-1, SB: 2-1.

Verdict: No unanimous decision once more as the away win gets the biggest vote. Mumbai need to win this and hope results go their way if they want to make the playoffs, alternatively, if they lose against ATK and results go against them, their hopes of glory for this season will be over. I also find it staggering that if ATK beat Mumbai, they’ll only be a point behind them.

There you have it. Not one game have we all opted for one result so at least we know someone will get some points. If this feature mysteriously disappears next week it’s because I’ve had a terrible week and ended up bottom of the table. That won’t happen though, I have full faith in my predictions and fully expect to be top. I hope.  

Until the next time.

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