It’s Time For An Old Friend To Rear Its Ugly Head: Super Cup Style

Indian Super League Prediction League

We’ve debated long and hard about whether to bring this back or not, but after lengthy discussions with our agents, we’ve collectively decided to reignite the prediction league for the remainder of the Super Cup. Yes, we’ve missed the Aizawl game, but it was too much of a tight turnaround to get it all back out there for Saturday once we decided we were going to run with it again.

After his victory last time, Chris has decided to gracefully retire undefeated so it is just the three of us now, Mark, Steve and myself so quite how this will play out, I have no idea. I did debate floating the idea of doing it from the round of sixteen but if I’m honest with you, none of us really had any idea what was going on and who was going to play what sort of team, so it was probably wise to leave it for this long.

Find out what happened last time here.

For those that are wondering, for every correct result, you get a point. For every correct score, you get five points and something which we’ve added this time is for every first goalscorer you get right, you also get five points. You don’t get a point for the correct result if you get the correct score, so the most you can score is ten points. Makes sense, right? Yes, it does, just bloody think about it.

We’ve got the grand total of four games to get our teeth into, so let’s stop with the foreplay and get right down to the action; here are the games we’ve got this week…

Bengaluru FC vs New Radiant SC (10.4) | Mohun Bagan vs Shillong Lajong (11.4) | Jamshedpur FC vs FC Goa (12.04) | Bengaluru FC vs Neroca FC (13.4)

In case you’re wondering, this is what we believe will happen and to be fair, if you’re not wondering, then you should be asking yourself, what on earth are you doing reading this article?

Bengaluru FC vs New Radiant SC (AFC Cup Group E Game)

Predictions – JF: 1-0 (Paartalu), MS: 2-0 (Segovia), SB: 2-1 (Dovale).

Verdict: Fair to say that everyone has opted for a home win, Mark and Steve think the ISL side will bag two whereas I believe it will only have the one goal in it. Considering NRSC also possess a 100% record, it’s a little surprising no-one fancies them. We’ll see.

Mohun Bagan vs Shillong Lajong (Super Cup Quarter Final)

Predictions – JF: 3-2 (Koffi), MS: 1-0 (Dipanda), SB: 2-0 (Dipanda).

Verdict: Mohun to progress. Quite why Mark and Steve think Mohun will win to nil is beyond me because Shillong scored thrice against Pune in the last round which is partly why I’ve predicted them to take the lead. I wouldn’t surprise me if the game went the distance to penalties, nonetheless, I think Mohun will eventually have enough in normal time.  

Jamshedpur FC vs FC Goa (Super Cup Quarter Final)

Predictions – JF: 0-0 (Jamshedpur on penalties), MS: 1-1 (Wellington) (Goa AET), SB: 1-3 (Coro).

Verdict: Goa to qualify but the majority think the game will go beyond the ninety-minute mark. I’ve touched on this quite a bit, but Coppell is one of the best at knockout games which is why I think Jamshedpur will repeat what they did in the round of sixteen and progress on penalties.

Bengaluru FC vs Neroca FC (Super Cup Quarter Final)

Predictions – JF: 3-1 (Chhetri), MS: 3-1 (Udanta), SB: Bengaluru 2-1 (Haokip).

Verdict: Bengaluru to win and both teams to score. United on this game and rightly so. Even though Neroca finished as I-League runners-up, Bengaluru should have far too much for them dependant on what sort of team Roca plays. My gut is telling me he’ll play the stronger team against Neroca which is why I think they’ll comfortably see them off.

There we have it, boys and girls. The return of the prediction league in all its glory; I will be back with you on Saturday to run through what happened and who has picked up what points. If we are all still on zero, which isn’t beyond the realms of possibility, then you may not see this return. Ever.

Until the next time.   

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