The Third Indian Super Cup Qualification Match Sees Mumbai Play Host To Indian Arrows


As the qualification stages of the Indian Super Cup come closer to their conclusion, we still have a couple more games. One of these remaining games is Mumbai City play host to I-League side Indian Arrows. Well, I say I-League side, but they aren’t as they were relegated at the end of last season. Both sides will be playing for a chance to progress to the next round, where they will face Kingfisher East Bengal. Let’s get straight to the action, shall we?   

The Stats   

Starting with the hosts, Mumbai, they finished the ISL season in 7th place, missing out on the automatic qualification spots by two points, with it going down to the last game. Having placed seventh, they scored a fair amount of goals last season, with the exact amount being twenty-five goals. However, their defensive record ultimately cost them as they conceded twenty-nine goals over the eighteen-game season. Form-wise, Mumbai aren’t that bad heading into the competition, with them winning two and losing three of their previous five. Obviously, it could be better, but it’s good enough. Their last two results have been defeats so they will be looking to stop any potential losing streaks from happening in this game. Will they be able to beat Indian Arrows?   

I-League side, Indian Arrows, finished rock bottom of the I-League last season, meaning they were relegated down a division, so I should really stop calling them an I-League side, shouldn’t I? Anyway. Because of them finishing bottom, they struggled to score a decent amount of goals over the eighteen-game season, with the exact total being thirteen goals. For a bottom of the league side, their defensive record wasn’t too bad, as they only conceded twenty-four goals, not bad at all. They were left with a goal difference of –11, which I am sure they would have liked to have been higher. With them being bottom, their form isn’t the greatest heading into the competition, as they have lost three, won one and drawn one in their previous five. Will they cause a little upset and send Mumbai packing?   

Key Player   

With them struggling to score goals all season, and my knowledge of the I-League being limited, I have had to research for some good players in the Indian Arrows side. I have managed to identify their main hitman and goalscorer in Abhijit Sarkar, with him almost scoring most of the team’s goals. Other than that, I can’t really identify anyone else who may cause real trouble for Mumbai.   

Onto a more familiar team in Mumbai and they hold some brilliant players, who didn’t show their full potential in the ISL this season. Achille Emana is a fantastic holding midfielder and will stop an attack from their opposition. Then you have Everton Santos, who has tremendous talent out on the wing, especially when he has a great striker and my Key Player upfront with him. Obviously, that man is Balwant Singh, who hasn’t performed brilliantly this season but has definitely shown hints at what he can do when he is performing to the best of his ability. If the ball is delivered to him correctly, he will definitely score in this game.   


With my knowledge of the I-League and its teams being limited, I cannot comment on how Indian Arrows will perform in the game. However, even with my limited knowledge, I cannot see them beating Mumbai. Obviously, that all depends on which Mumbai team they face. It seems that they can go out and beat a team 5-0 one week and then the next week go and get stuffed 5-0.   

My scoreline prediction is 2-0 Mumbai with Everton Santos getting one and Balwant Singh bagging the other. However, that depends on which Mumbai team comes out and plays. If it’s the wrong one, then I wouldn’t be surprised if Indian Arrows beat them.   

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