An All ISL Battle Commences In The Super Cup Quarter Finals As Goa Face Jamshedpur


The Indian Super Cup Quarter-Finals continue and we finally have a game where I can produce a great preview as I know both the teams. As you have probably guessed, an all ISL battle takes place between my favourite ISL team Goa and my most hated ISL side Jamshedpur. Nothing against Steve Coppell, he is a legend of the game, but he plays proper boring football, when Goa do the complete opposite. Anyway, let’s get straight to the stat-free match preview.    

Previous Round…   

Starting with Jamshedpur, as they are the home side. They definitely didn’t take the easier route to this round, as they finally beat I-League Champions Minerva 5-4 on penalties. To be honest, there isn’t much to report on this game as both sides failed to score in regular time and extra time, making me wonder if they would have ever scored over the whole day. Either way, Jamshedpur got the job done on penalties but I am sure they’ll be hoping for an easier route this time around.   

Goa, on the other hand, haven’t experienced an I-League side so far in the Super Cup. They beat fellow ISL side ATK in the previous round, 3-1 and it was as dominant as expected. Goa will always be a great team to watch as they just love scoring and couldn’t care less about conceding. The God that is Coro put his side 1-0 up, on forty-five minutes. However, ATK were looking to cause an upset when player-manager Robbie Keane equalised on fifty minutes. Goa went on to win the game 3-1, with Boumous scoring on seventy minutes and then Fernandes scoring on seventy-seven to complete an easy win for Goa.   

The Game Itself…   

Finally, I can talk about both sides comfortably and not make excuses for myself. The teams involved in this game couldn’t be complete opposites if they tried to be. Jamshedpur love to defend and not concede, so this competition will suit them as they can take teams to penalties and beat them that way. Goa are the Indian Manchester City as they go and score and score and score, until the other team just sit there and cry until the final whistle.   

However, I am here to spoil the party, Goa will not get their way against Jamshedpur and the game will be really boring, probably concluding in a 1-0 win for one of the sides.   

Key Player…   

Yes! Another segment where I don’t have to look at crappy I-League teams and their useless players. That was mean and it’s looking likely an I-League side will win the tournament. Anyway, back to Jamshedpur and their players. Rather than looking to their attacking players, I am going to look at their defensive players who will have to play superbly. One of those players is Bikey, who is an old-fashioned defender and someone love. If Coro wants to get fancy around Bikey, Bikey will just have him.   

One thing that will hinder Goa is the fact that their best player, Lanzarote doesn’t seem to be in the Super Cup. However, they have the best striker in the ISL and possibly India with Coro. The guy is an absolute goal machine and is definitely my choice for Key Player.   


With all this being said, I will simply leave you with this. I, unfortunately, can’t see this game being a good watchable game. I have a feeling Jamshedpur will defend for their lives and frustrate Goa. However, I think Goa will win the game 1-0 with Coro getting the goal.     

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