Nishu Nicks It At The Death As Bengaluru Maintain Perfect Start

You’ll recall in the preview for this that I said that something had to give. And it did. Just. It seemed like both teams were going to go away with a point each which isn’t the best scenario in the world, nor is it the worst.

Chhetri Holds The Key

Roca wanted more than a point and his decision to bring on Sunil Chhetri with around twenty minutes left ultimately proved to be a decisive one. The Bengaluru gaffer has tried not to use Chhetri in this competition as he opts to give an opportunity to those around the cusp of the starting eleven and with the fans knowing that, maybe that’s why they decide to stay away.

We touched on it in the build-up to the game; Roca wanted more fans at the ground, but if he is treating it as second-rate competition, then why on earth would the fans feel any differently? Such is the way the world works.

Roca could have and perhaps should have had more to worry about than the attendance, but New Radiant couldn’t make their ample possession count. They had much more of the ball than Bengaluru and on another day, I think I’d be writing a report and saying that NRSC got all three points as opposed to the other way round.

Or It Could Be Argued That The Linesmen Held The Key

I’ll level with you, there’s not a great deal to talk about game-wise which is why I am waffling on a bit, but we’ll knock the waffle on the head and tell you the two main talking points. NRSC had a goal ruled out for offside and Bengaluru didn’t. While that may not seem like that much, you need to see Bengaluru’s goal to understand what I mean.

Chhetri was either offside or incredibly close to being when the ball was played through to him and when he squared the ball to Nishu Kumar, he simply couldn’t miss. That happened in the 91st minute which left next to no time for NRSC to get back into the game.

You could ask the question, what was Nishu doing that far up the pitch and I would have to say I have absolutely no idea, but by converting the chance, he was spared the wrath of Roca that may or may not have been coming his way. I like to think it would’ve been, that makes for a better story in my mind.

It May Well Be A Different Story In The Maldives

In closing, Bengaluru maintain their 100% record by the skin of their teeth and the biggest challenge they will undoubtedly face in their three remaining group games will be the return fixture in Male. Not actually a man. It’s in the Maldives. Look it up. I’d also like to take this moment to let you know that I predicted 1-0 in the prediction league, so I guess that means I’m winning? Of course, it does. Champagne on ice please, barkeep.

That’s all for now, hopefully, there will be a little more to write about tomorrow when we reflect on Mohun Bagan vs Shillong Lajong which is the second of four last eight ties in the Super Cup. We’ll have to wait and see.

Until the next time.  

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