A Controversial Goal, A Saved Penalty & Much, Much More

Match Report Indian Super League

Good afternoon to one and all. I hope you’ve been keeping well. You’re blessed with my company today as I run through the all I-League Super Cup clash between Mohun Bagan and Shillong Lajong as both sides were looking to book their place in the last four. Prior to this, Mohun saw off Churchill Brothers and Shillong Lajong staged a superb comeback against Pune so it really was all to play for.

Mohun Rule Supreme Against Shillong

Saying that, going into the encounter, Shillong Lajong hadn’t come away with a victory against Mohun since 2012 so, were fortunes about to change or was it a case of more of the same if recent years were anything to go by? Let’s find out.

Only twelve minutes were on the clock and we had a goal; Mohun’s Sheikh Faiaz had no right to score, literally none whatsoever as he fell in the box, but somehow, even on the deck, he managed to find a way past TP Lachenpa in the Lajong goal. First blood to Mohun. Lachenpa must be sick of the sight of Faiaz as the last time the two sides met, back in early February, he scored against him then as well. Got your number.

After that, we had something that the tournament had been lacking. A bit of controversy. Ooo, I do love a good bit of controversy. In this instance, the officials came to the right conclusion, just. Kadam Nikhil had a thunderous attempt on goal which came off the underside of the crossbar and then bounced out. Now, the real question is, where did the ball bounce? Over the line or not over the line, that is the question.

Finally It Was Given

Cast your mind back to Lampard’s goal against Germany in the World Cup, it was as clear-cut as that, if not more, yet it seemed like it wasn’t going to be awarded as a goal. However, after Mohun vehemently remonstrated with the officials, they consulted one another and eventually the goal was given. What a bloody palaver.

When the goal was given, naturally, it was Shillong’s turn to express their displeasure to the officials, that fell on deaf ears, though. It’s 2-0 by the way, in case you’re lost in all the madness.

Before we’d even hit the twenty-five-minute mark, it was pandemonium again, this time at the other end as Lajong were awarded a penalty. It was soft, but I’ve seen them given. It was down to the round of sixteen hero, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Shillong Lajong’s skipper to get them back in the game. Shilton in Mohun’s goal had other ideas as he kept it out and it seemed that Shillong Lajong’s big chance was gone. Or was it?

Three Goals Before The Thirty Minute Mark

Only four more minutes had gone when Samuel Lalmuanpuia was up to mischief again and he wanted another penalty as he was brought down in the area, but before he knew it, the ball fell to Koffi who finished with aplomb. 2-1, game on. It stayed that way for the rest of the first-half.

Shillong looked lively at the beginning of the second-half and if anyone was going to get the goal, it was going to be Lajong. Well, sometimes it doesn’t always go the way you expect it. Mohun made it three.

Akram Moghrabi was the one who scored, nonetheless, the plaudits must really go to Arijit Bagui because his cross was absolutely sensational. The whip, the curl, the bend and I’m only too aware that they’re all pretty much the same word, I don’t care though, it was that good.

Shillong huffed and puffed but couldn’t quite blow Mohun’s house down and the side which finished third in the I-League progressed to the last four. That’s all for now, I’ll see you tomorrow for a couple of bits. And it’s Friday. What a dream.

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