ISL 2017 Prediction League: Round 3

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It’s back! The return of the Prediction League which sees the predictions for round three, a recap of round two and movement in the league table. As ever, let’s begin with the scores on the doors from last week.

Similar to the first week, only one correct score from anyone and this time Mark pulled it out the bag after successfully predicting the correct score in Kerala’s clash with FC Goa. A 77th minute from Edu Bedia giving Mark the three points which could make all the difference come the end of the season. For those that don’t know, green indicates correct result, bold indicates correct score.

The table now looks like this…



Correct Scores

Jake Flock



Mark Smith



Chris Darwen



Stephen Beavon



You have to give Stephen the benefit of the doubt because he missed the first week as he was only signed for the website this transfer window; Chris on the other hand is not having the best of times, scoring just a solitary point in both weeks. Top marks for consistency, though.

Mark was the big winner with five points from the last round of games as him and I now sit joint-top of the table. If there are two players tied it will be separated by the one who got the most correct scores, but because Mark and I have one each, I’ve just listed it in alphabetical order for the time being. We’ll think of another tie-breaker in due course…

This week sees the four of us attempt to get stuck into these:

  • ATK vs Chennaiyin (25.01)
  • Bengaluru vs NorthEast (26.01)
  • Kerala Blasters vs Delhi Dynamos (27.01)
  • FC Goa vs Mumbai City (28.01)
  • ATK vs Jamshedpur (28.01)

All predictions were made prior to ATK vs Chennaiyin kicking off.

ATK | Pos: 8th | Points: 12 | GD: -5 | | GD +4 | Points: 20 | Pos: 3rd | Chennaiyin FC

Predictions – CD: 0-1; JF: 1-3; MS: 1-1; SB: 1-2.

Verdict: Majority have gone with an away win. You have to think that Chennai are going to have too much for ATK, although, they have got someone ‘new’ at the helm after Sheringham’s dismissal. Mark got the correct score last time though, so who are we to argue?

Bengaluru FC | Pos: 2nd | Points: 21 | GD: +8 | | GD: -8 | Points: 10 | Pos: 9th | NorthEast United

Predictions – CD: 2-1; JF: 1-1; MS: 2-0; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Majority has gone for a home win with this one and you have to feel that that’ll probably be the correct result, but, I’ve got a blindingly stupid loyalty to NorthEast because of Eelco at the moment, so I think they’ll nick a point. Please, Eelco.

Kerala Blasters | Pos: 7th | Points: 14 | GD: -3 | | GD: -15 | Points: 7 | Pos: 10th | Delhi Dynamos

Predictions – CD: 2-0; JF: 2-1; MS: 1-0; SB: 2-2.

Verdict: Interesting that everyone has gone for the home win apart from Steve. I am guessing his thinking was something along the line of ‘if you throw enough shit at the wall…’. For me, if the Baldvinsson transfer goes through before the game and he can play, I think he’ll have a field day.

FC Goa | Pos: 4th | Points: 19 | GD: +7 | | GD: +1 | Points: 14 | Pos: 6th | Mumbai City

Predictions – CD: 2-0; JF: 4-1; MS: 2-1; SB: 3-1.:

Verdict: Finally, one we all agree on, home win! All of us have got BTTS apart from Chris which probably suggests that both teams will score, however, we’ve all gone for different scorelines, which is interesting.

ATK | Pos: 8th | Points: 12 | GD: -5 | | GD: 0 | Points: 16 | Pos: 5th | Jamshedpur FC

Predictions – CD: 0-0; JF: 0-1; MS: 1-1; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Bit of everything, here. Chris and Mark have probably played it the safest, although the points could quite easily end up with Stephen or I. I do, however, think the only reason Steve has backed ATK is because Cotterill now plays for them. He made that mistake last week, ah well, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink…

When we come to look at the results next week, you could find that Mark and I have a bigger gap over Chris & Steve than Barcelona do over Real Madrid at present. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful.

Until the next time.  

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