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After the successful predictions last time out, you’d be led to believe that this time it would possibly be more of the same. It would have been, but, with the exception of one game, none went the way that the majority of us predicted. Let’s have a look at the results from round four…

Round four saw ten blocks of green in comparison to this week’s four, yes, you could argue that there were fewer games this week, but regardless of which way you look at it, there has been a 50% drop. Round four also saw five correct scores, this week only one, so what exactly went wrong?

Before we go into that, let me quickly explain what the colours etc mean, in case you’re new around here. If the block is marked green, it means that the result is correct, if it’s also bold, it means the score is correct. If there are any scores that are bold without being in a green block, that means I’ve messed up. No mistakes as of yet, though!

Let’s take a look at the up to date table and then we’ll dissect the happenings of round four:



Correct Scores

Jake Flock



Chris Darwen



Stephen Beavon



Mark Smith



Chris was the big mover as he moved from the foot of the table to second place with the only correct score of the week. He correctly predicted that Bengaluru would win away at ATK and whilst Steve and I also got that right, Miku’s 83rd-minute goal made all the difference as Chris took his points tally to fourteen for this season’s prediction league. Mark has had an absolute stinker and rolled a doughnut, why he thought ATK were going to get a draw against Bengaluru, I have no idea.

Steve has certainly been talking the talk recently, but when it comes to walking the walk, his legs must’ve buckled underneath him as he only got one point. I got two, but it’s double what Steve has got and I’m seven points clear, all is well in the world. I’ll bask in the glory while it lasts because this week sees a bumper edition as we’ve got seven games to predict. 35 points on offer and if anyone gets 20 or more, they’ll be awarded an extra ten points. So, all in all, there is the possibility that someone could add 45 points to their tally, which would certainly shake the table up.

However, if we’re honest, we all know that I’m going to be comfortably sat at the top of the table when we look at this again next week. Famous last words. Anyway, let’s have a Butcher’s at what is in store…

Chennaiyin FC vs Bengaluru FC (6/2/18) | NorthEast United vs Pune City (7/2/18) | Bengaluru FC vs FC Goa (8/2/18) | Kerala Blasters vs ATK (9/2/18) | Jamshedpur FC vs NorthEast United (10/2/18) | Mumbai City vs Pune City (11/2/18) | Delhi Dynamos vs Chennaiyin FC (11/2/18)

And here is what the four of us think will happen…

Chennaiyin | Pos: 2nd | Points: 23 | GD: +5 | | GD: +11 | Points: 27 | Pos: 1st | Bengaluru

Predictions – CD: 1-2; JF: 2-3; MS: 1-1; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Away win or so the majority says, which doesn’t really mean anything anymore. It’ll be a cracking game, either way.

NorthEast United | Pos: 9th | Points: 11 | GD: -9 | | GD: +10 | Points: 22 | Pos: 3rd | Pune City

Predictions – CD: 1-2; JF: 1-1; MS: 2-1; SB: 1-2.

Verdict: Majority on the away win for this one as well. Mark has gone for a home win again and then he wonders why he doesn’t get any points. Cue home win.

Bengaluru | Pos: 1st | Points: 27 | GD: +11 | | GD: +6 | Points: 20 | Pos: 5th | FC Goa

Predictions – CD: 2-2; JF: 1-2; MS: 2-1; SB: 1-1.

Verdict: Still no game where we’ve all gone for the same result, but, draw gets the majority with this one. It’s a very tough one to call, as they all are, but I’ve stuck my neck out and gone for it.

Kerala Blasters | Pos: 6th | Points: 20 | GD -1 | | GD: -9 | Points: 12 | Pos: 8th | ATK

Predictions – CD: 3-0; JF: 2-1; MS: 1-0; SB: 2-0.

Verdict: Home win. Rightly so, ATK are awful and Kerala need the three points to stay in touch with the play offs.

Jamshedpur | Pos: 4th | Points: 22 | GD +2 | | GD: -9 | Points: 11 | Pos: 9th | NorthEast United

Predictions – CD: 1-0; JF: 2-0; MS: 2-1; SB: 2-1.

Verdict: Home win. Similar to Kerala, they need to win. NorthEast have got nothing to play for, bar pride, so it’ll be interesting to see if Avram Grant can motivate his players.

Mumbai City | Pos: 7th | Points: 17 | GD: +1 | | GD: +10 | Points: 22 | Pos: 3rd | Pune City

Predictions – CD: 1-1; JF: 0-1; MS: 2-2; SB: 1-3.

Verdict: Split down the middle. No one had gone for Mumbai, so that’ll probably happen.

Delhi Dynamos | Pos: 10th | Points: 7 | GD: -16 | | GD: +5 | Points: 23 | Pos: 2nd | Chennaiyin

Predictions – CD: 0-2; JF: 0-1; MS: 1-3; SB: 1-3.

Verdict: The points will be going to Chennaiyin if our predictions are to believed.

Interesting set of predictions that have been had. There will be some laughs and some tears. Tune in next time (I know it’s not a radio broadcast) to find out who has got the most points.

Until the next time.

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