50/50 Split In The Super Cup Semi-Finals: Media Gone Quiet

As we’ve arrived at the semi-final stage of the tournament, I thought it is best if I do a little round-up about everything that has gone on because I don’t think there’s been a particularly fair balance of coverage from other media outlets. I’m referring to the slating that the ISL sides have got throughout the tournament saying that they haven’t been taken it seriously, so on and so forth. Let’s get it out in the open nice and early, it’s bullshit.

Where’s All The Noise Gone About ISL Sides Not Taking It Seriously?

In terms of teams in the final four, we have 3rd and 4th place from the I-League and 1st and 3rd from the ISL, so what’s the fuss about? The I-League winners, Minerva Punjab, weren’t arsed about the tournament from the start and neither were the side that finished 2nd in the ISL, Chennaiyin, apart from those, it’s who you’d expect in the final four, is it not? Neroca were runners-up in the I-League but as the draw played out, Bengaluru tore them to shreds in the last eight. No drama.

If by chance you’re not aware of the how the semi-final draw played out, it sees East Bengal face FC Goa and Mohun Bagan against Bengaluru, so there’s a possibility that we could have an all I-League final or an all ISL final.

If it’s the former, I dread to imagine the coverage. ‘ISL thrown into disrepute’, ‘The I-League is the best league’ and other bollocks, yet if the final ends up being Bengaluru versus FC Goa which isn’t that most outlandish suggestion in the world, the headlines will be ‘Teams with bigger budgets win’, there’s not a single shred of fair coverage when the two leagues are compared and it does my swede in. Can you tell?

Awaiting The Return Of The Sycophants

Do the ISL sides have bigger budgets? Yes, of course, they do. Is that the be all and end all? Absolutely not. Some of the articles that have come out surrounding the Super Cup have been not much short of a joke.

Personally speaking, I hope Bengaluru and FC Goa wipe the floor with their respective opponents in the semis and we do end up with an all ISL final, just to see the sycophants return. I like to think we speak our minds on here, but we don’t chat shit. Well, not all the time anyway.

I’m not going to name other sites, but nothing is going to stop you from doing your own research as certain headlines such as ‘Popovic’s attitude reflects Pune City’s poor show’ and ‘I-League v ISL: Foreign players the only difference’ and a particular favourite of mine is ‘Super Nightmare for ISL clubs’ are just clickbait garbage and I’m sick of it.

Forza FC Goa & Bengaluru

What makes this a whole lot worse is that a lot of people take certain sites as gospel when there’s normally not a shred of substance behind the articles. So, I’m nailing my colours firmly to the mast when I say: Come on FC Goa & Bengaluru, do the ISL proud and show them what you’re made of.

Incidentally, if it does end up being an all I-League final, it won’t be covered any differently on here, we’re nice like that you see.

Rant over for now.

Until the next time.  

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