Super Substitutions, Sunil Chhetri & Questionable Distribution By Sandhu

Indian Super League 1 to 25

Here we go, here we go again! There’s something quite refreshing about doing this on a Monday, I’m not too sure what it is yet, nevertheless, I always feel better after doing it. We’ll start with an introduction as to what we’re doing for those that are new to the party; essentially, we look at a stat to do with the numbers from 1 to 25, hence the name. Normally, it’s done to complement Steve’s weekend round-up, but considering there were only two games over the weekend as opposed to the normal four, we’re including the first-leg of Bengaluru vs Pune as well.

Scores on the doors from last week were Pune City 0-0 Bengaluru FC, FC Goa 1-1 Chennaiyin FC & Bengaluru FC 3-1 Pune City. What that means is that Bengaluru are through to the play-off final which will feature in next week’s edition, who they will face is not an easy prediction to make, however, we will give that a go as well. Just to keep you in the loop and while it may seem simple, I want to make it crystal clear. If it says Pune vs Bengaluru, that’s the first leg, if it says Bengaluru vs Pune, guess what? That’s the second leg. Without any further delay, let’s get stuck in…


First half goal. Mr Sunil Chhetri, come on down!


Goals in quick succession in the FC Goa vs Chennaiyin game. Blink and you’ll miss it.


Yellow cards in three minutes for Pune in the second leg against Bengaluru. Calm down, lads.


Shots on target in the Pune vs Bengaluru game. The match report was not much fun.


Shots in the first half for FC Goa. No goals, though.


Corners in the first half of Bengaluru vs Pune. Why don’t bet365 offer a market yet?


Shots off target for Pune in the first leg. What a waste.


Fouls apiece in the first half of Pune vs Bengaluru. No wonder Pune got three yellows in three minutes.


Shots off target for Pune in the second leg. See number seven.


Minutes after coming off the bench, Thapa equalised for Chennaiyin. Impact.


Minutes after coming off the bench, Lucca pulled a goal back for Pune. Too little, too late.


Offsides in total. Watch the line.


Goals for the season for Chhetri now. One to watch.


Fouls committed by Chennaiyin. Interesting tactic.


Minutes on the clock when Chhetri opened the scoring for Bengaluru. Early doors.


Fouls committed by Bengaluru in the second leg. Get stuck in.


Minutes after going 2-0 down, Pune gave themselves a lifeline via Lucca. Unfortunately, they still lost.


Corners in total. Float one in.


Long balls attempted by Bengaluru’s Sandhu with only six reaching the intended target during the first-leg. Play it short.


Duels won collectively by Chennaiyin’s Augusto and Gregory Nelson out of a possible thirty-eight. Tidy.


Long balls attempted by Bengaluru’s Sandhu with only six reaching the intended target during the second-leg. Getting worse, Gurpreet.


Accurate passes by Pune’s Marcelinho in the first leg. Handy.


Accurate passes by Bengaluru’s Rahul Bheke in the second leg. Marshall. Stalwart.


Minutes between Chhetri’s second and third goals. Hattrick hero.


More passes made by Pune than Bengaluru in the first leg. Possession doesn’t count for everything.

Job done. You definitely found out something that you didn’t know, didn’t you? Well, if you didn’t, you should probably be doing this instead of me! It’s not been decided what 1-25 will feature next week as there are the four Super Cup qualifiers, albeit it’s not known what stats will be available on them as of yet so we’ll have to play it by ear. We’ll figure something out, though, we always do!

Until the next time.  

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