Mumbai City beat FC Goa on penalties to book a place in the ISL final

Mumbai City FC

A gripping game of football with a tense 6-5 penalty score was enough for Mumbai City to edge past FC Goa into the finals of the Indian Super League. Misses from Edu Bedia, Brandom Fernandes, James Donachie and finally, Glen Martins were enough for Mumbai to grab a place in the final. Rowllin Borges was the hero for MCFC as he scored the winning penalty. Even though Goa started the penalty shoot horribly with 2 misses they managed to find a one-goal advantage until Glan Martins’ miss in the ninth Goan penalty. 


With the first leg finishing in a 2-2 scoreline, the pressure of making it into the final was evident throughout the game. Goa started with a 4-3-3 and Mumbai opted for a familiar 4-2-3-1 formation. Both teams started the game with the objective of not repeating the same mistakes made in the first leg. Meanwhile, Goa, with their injury concerns, had the confidence boost with the return of Alberto Noguera and Ivan Gonzalez into the starting lineup. 

First Half

Both teams managed to create individual chances with FC Goa getting few clear opportunities to take the lead in the first half. Mumbai started the game in their favour thanks to the dominance of Boumas playing through the middle. But their dominance in the final third failed to create a spark with FC Goa going close to taking the lead in the 27th minute. Redeem Tlang’s effort from Amrinder Singh’s clearance was blocked by Amey Ranawade who threw his body in to deny Goa.

Ortiz was creating all sort of problems for Mumbai, as they were constantly forced to keep a tab on the player. Meanwhile, Goa went in harsh on Le-Frondre at the other end. However, Mumbai failed to register any shots in front of the goal. Goa had a few close calls in a tightly contested first half with Mumbai still having the majority of the possession but could not find an opening. 

Second Half

Amrinder was forced to make a crucial save from Alexander Romario Jesuraj’s shot early on in the second half. Both teams, desperate to find a goal failed to open each other up. Mumbai were often pinned back dealing with Ortiz. Gama almost stunned Mumbai in the 55th minute as his individual dribble and shot on target somehow was blocked by Amrinder. Goa were keen on putting bodies into the box to deny Mumbai an advantage and this worked perfectly for them. The game turned out to be more balanced in the final 20 minutes with both teams making unnecessary challenges on each other. Mumbai tried to find a goal through Boumous by pressing him higher up the field. At the other end, Goa once again wasted a golden opportunity as Edu Bedia’s fine free-kick into the box was missed by the unmarked Donachie. Amrinder continued to make crucial clearances till the end of regular time. 


MCFC 6-5 GOA – Goan Borges scores.

MCFC 5-5 GOA – MISS! Martins fires it wide.

MCFC 5-5 GOA – Mandar smashed it into the right corner.

MCFC 4-5 GOA – Adil scores.

MCFC 4-4 GOA – Fall strikes to the left corner.

MCFC 3-4 GOA – Ortiz calmly slots home.

MCFC 3-3 GOA – Ranawade scores.

MCFC 2-3 GOA – Pandita scores.

MCFC 2-2 GOA – Jahouh’s chance to take Goa to the final was shattered after Naveen saves the strike.

MCFC 2-2 GOA – MISS! Donachie effort over the bar.

MCFC 2-2 GOA – Raynier scores .

MCFC 1-2 GOA – Gonzalez scores.

MCFC 1-1 GOA – SAVE! Boumous effort saved.

MCFC 1-1 GOA – Angulo effort made it to a goal.

MCFC 1-0 GOA – SAVE! Santana’s poor effort was saved.

MCFC 1-0 GOA – MISS! Brandon missed it.

MCFC 1-0 GOA – Ogbeche scores  for Mumbai.

MCFC 0-0 GOA – SAVE! Bedia misses.

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