Prediction League Round 9: It’s Going To The Wire

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Regular season, done. It’s not quite over yet, though as we’ve got the playoffs to entertain now, hell, we might even extend the prediction league to cover the Super Cup as well. Saying that, the way it’s been going with the league predictions recently, I dread to think what would happen in the Super Cup. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the highs and lows from last week…

I’m not entirely sure who has taken Mark’s spot and what they’ve done with his body because he’s flying. He followed up with finishing top of the pack in the last round with pulling nine points out the bag this time.

Safe to say, he’s turning it on when it matters the most. I, on the other hand, am doing the complete opposite, but let’s not talk about that, eh? The green indicates that the result is correct and if it’s got a bold scoreline (see Mark’s Bengaluru vs Kerala prediction) that means the score is bang on the money as well.

Let’s have a mooch have the up to date table…



Correct Scores

Chris Darwen



Jake Flock



Stephen Beavon



Mark Smith



From absolutely nowhere, Mark has come to within three points of Steve! There are only thirteen points between all four of us and tears are bound to be shed over this next week or so. More than likely, by me. The two 5-1s were what made it difficult to earn any proper points due to the fact that nobody ever looks at a game and goes, yeah, that’ll be 5-1. Never mind.

It’s not as easy this week to earn points with there only being three games to mull over, so we’ve added a little bit of spice and sprinkle of zest as well to keep it interesting. As well as predicting the result, we’re going to try and guess the first goalscorer and the minute of the first goal in each match.

The correct minute will get the predictee (is that a word? I like it) 15 points and the goalscorer will get five. If both are correct in any one given match, forty points will be given. So, even though there are only three games, 45 points per game is on the table, which is enough to flip the table.

There are only three of them, nevertheless, let’s see what we’re dealing with…

Pune City vs Bengaluru FC (07/03) | FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC (10/03) | Pune City vs Bengaluru FC (11/03)

And this is what we think will happen…

Pune City | 4th | Top Goalscorer: Emiliano Alfaro & Marcelinho (6) | | Top Goalscorer: Miku (14) | 1st | Bengaluru FC

Predictions – CD: 1-1 Miku (30), JF: 0-1 Johnson (62), MS: 1-2 Alfaro (26), SB: 1-3 Miku (24).

Verdict: Majority has gone for a home win and Miku to score first. It’s difficult to argue with that when you consider the form that the Venezuelan forward is currently in, albeit, I’ve gone for John Johnson and Mark has gone for Alfaro. Bengaluru have been the most consistent side this season by far, hence them finishing top, although you have a feeling there may well be another twist in the tale.

FC Goa | 3rd | Top Goalscorer: Coro (18) | | Top Goalscorer: Jeje Lalpekhlua (7) | 2nd | Chennaiyin FC

Predictions – CD: 1-1 Lanzarote (20), JF: 3-2 Coro (12), MS: 2-0 Coro (18), SB: 2-1 Coro (38).

Verdict: All aboard the Coro bus. He’s been sensational this season and it’s hard to look beyond him for the first goalscorer, unless of course, you’re Chris. Lanzarote is a good shout as well, mind. Result wise home win looks the best bet, why do I get the feeling that Chennaiyin are being completely underestimated though?

Bengaluru FC | 1st | Top Goalscorer: Miku (14) | | Top Goalscorer: Emiliano Alfaro & Marcelinho (6) | 4th | Pune City

Predictions – CD: 3-0 Chhetri (10), JF: 2-1 Marcelinho (32), MS: 1-0 Chhetri (34), SB: 2-1 Alfaro (16).

Verdict: Home win. Chhetri is favoured over Miku this time for some reason and Steve and I have opted for Pune getting the first goal to keep the tie interesting, it’s difficult to call though. That’s what makes this bit so interesting!

A mouthwatering 135 points could be won be any given person in this round and considering there are only one semi-final and the final next week, it’ll be a struggle to catch anyone who yields 50+ points from this round. It makes the games more interesting, we have a laugh about it, what’s not to love? Oh yeah, the losing!

I’ll see you next week to see where we are with it all.

Until the next time.

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